Director's Message

Dear Parents,

I feel great pleasure in inviting you to” New Life Academy” for memorable journey of quality education, training and learning.The development of a society, nation or people is closely related to its educational attainments.

Education is the sum of the experiences of an individual where the parents and the environment play a significant role. Every child is a unique creation of God and has been gifted with immense fascination towards newness, learning and acquiring skills of analysing, understanding and exploring the unexplored. HOPE BEGINES HERE AT New Life Academy. It is our endeavour to ensure that every student's needs and expectations are fulfilled, thus enhancing the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Our highly professional and dedicated faculty possess impressive credentials, zeal in teaching and are involved in shaping careers at NLA and fully aware of responsibilities in Life-building and character making of the student.

We are keen to make this institution a centre of academic excellence and cultural force in the truest sense of the term. It would be a place for learning and intellectual advancement, a fountain head of new ideas and a centre to foster the community spirit. I convey my best wishes to all the students and their parents for a successful future and good education.

With best wishes

Yours Truly

Sufala H., Director




Director, New Life Academy